Tuesday, January 29, 2008


This pic is from last year and is done with Anna Aspens gradient masks. It was fun and easy!

here's a video of my younger daughter's cheer team Desert Cheer Xtreme. She's the one on the team with the big black brace on her knee. Makes it easier to pick her out of the crowd.

The video is about 2 minutes long.



Kari said...

Love your LO and video ... I absolutely *LOVE* wathching cheer competitions and performances!!! I guess it's living vicariously back to the "good ol' days" Cheer sure has come a long way since I competed ;) They are awesome!!!

Carol Dillon said...

Your layout is fantastic and that cheerleading is amazing. I found your daughter thanks to the brace LOL.
Cheerleading is something just starting here in Australia, the young girl across the road told me she is starting.
Carol :-)

Ohh you made me laugh with your Aussie, Aussie, Aussie, Oui oui oui on my blog.

LivE said...

lisa, wow! i am speechless!!! AWESOME totally!!! tell your daughter i think she was GREAT!!! (so glad she had that brace... made it so easy to spot her). unlike kari, who was cheerdancing hero in her days, i was on the team playing, so i have absolute respect for those who can do this stuff! (great genes... she should thank you! haha) love ya, my friend!

Tezra Williams said...

How absolutely cool is that!!! That was really amazing to watch. Thanks for putting it up on the blog.

Heather said...

Hey Lisa,

It was great chatting w/ you! :) Your daughter and her team are breathtakingly amazing. I bet she is a gymnast too, correct? My Amanda is in her second year of gymnastics. BTW, my uncle lives slightly west of Interstate 15, at zipcode 89141 in Clark County. Does that give you a better idea? I know Vegas is huge now.

Ann said...

I have that gradient masks thingy from Anna Aspens. I will try it one day soon. I enjoy your blog and I thank you for your nice comments on mine.