Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Chat Room

We have a chat room at Jessica Sprague!!! The chat room opened up this morning and I was on for over 4 hours, and finally had to retire to get some real life things done. (Fold the laundry, eat breakfast and lunch, etc...) We were having so much fun. Liv finally had to leave after several hours to get to sleep. She's in the Philippines and hadn't even been to bed when I got on a 8am!! It was almost 11 am when she finally left to get some sleep. We all know she doesn't really sleep. Just does incredible things on No Sleep. 
I got another lo done for the load project - hum, it's the 21st and I only have 9 los done. Oh well, 9 is better than none.
Hop on over and play on the chat room and I'll talk to you soon!


Carol Dillon said...

OMG, I can't believe you were there for that long!
Unfortunately being so far behind in work after our holiday, it was shower and then work. Hopefully we will meet there again.

Your page is great and your daughter so beautiful!
Carol :-)

Jeanne said...

The layout is adorable! Thanks for sharing!

I discovered the chat room quite by accident. I couldn't stay too long as I'm not one who can last on not much sleep, unlike Liv....

Hope to see you there fromt time to time.


Laurie said...

I love your LO! It is very sweet! I also love your Disney Character of the day. How cute is that??? Gotta love the chat room! SOOOOOO much fun!

Tori said...

What cute LOs! Your doing an awesome job! Love the disney COD, too. May have to put that one on my blog too. k, chatting with you right now, so i'll go back to "live" talking with you. ;)

Jana said...

You're on a roll with super LOs Lisa! Isn't our chat room at Jessica's awesome! I heard Liv pulled an all-nighter! Why am I not surprised?!!