Thursday, May 8, 2008

I'm Back!

Wow I can't believe how long it's been since I've updated my blog. Our Advanced Digi class at Jessica Sprague really did me in. I learned a ton, but I seem to have gone onto overload after the class. Maybe I just went on strike. I did the class is Photoshop CS3 instead of the easier Photoshop Elements. I loved CS3 and now just have to wait until i can afford to purchase the more expensive program as I guess I have gotten spoiled and like it much better than Elements.

The weather has finally warmed up which means Jasmine has been in the pool several times a day now. The other morning about 8am I hear this big splash and of course figure Jasmine has jumped in the pool again. I look out the bedroom window (yes I was still in bed) and to my surprise it wasn't Jasmine in the pool. A duck had landed in the pool!

I ran to close the dog door so the dogs wouldn't run out and chase the duck away before I could get pictures. I get outside with the camera and the duck is just swimming around in the pool having a grand ole time. We don't have ducks near our house so I have no idea where this duck came from. I kept looking around to see if there were other ducks flying around, but didn't see any others. After swimming around for about 5 minutes we heard duck honking and our duck flew off.

We are doing the Photo a Day for May at JS so i'll be posting more pics here soon. There are some really outstanding photos in the gallery there. Mine are more snapshots, but some real art going on there. Stop by there are take a peek.

See you soon!