Friday, December 14, 2007

More JYC

Trying to get more los done today. Of course in the middle of one lo my computer freezes. I must have overloaded it my trying to do too many things at once. This mac is good, but I guess you can only ask so much at a time. Went to Designer Digitals for a chat with Jessica Sprague. Learned some really cool tricks. Some of the tricks she showed us we learned in NWR class. But putting several layers of the template together to make one block was really cool. That is something I know I could use. I seem to make templates to use for my los. I'm pretty boring - I like the straight lines and blocks. I have a hard time doing something other than that because I always think mine looks dumb. I love to look at other peoples los with all the funky stuff and envy them. Oh well, I'll keep trying to expand my ability to do that type of lo at a later date.  Here are more of my JYC pages. 

Playing Catch-Up

I've been procrastinating on my Journal your Christmas class. There is one page I'm having a really hard time doing. It's the shopping for presents page. Since I haven't worked in 3 months, our finances are very tight, so Christmas has been on hold this year. This doesn't even have anything to do with me not even being able to go shopping - I love to see all the decorations in the stores, the malls, the music playing, I could shop on line - but the mortgage, gas, electric, water, phone they all want to be paid for us to use their services. (How rude - lol). So I've decided what I can do is make albums for everyone specific to them. So now that I have only 11 days left I guess I'd better get my but in gear!  Here are the pages that I have done for the JYC class they are missing a couple of days, but I'll get them caught up soon.

I'd like to thank my friend LivE for designing the beautiful papers and elements used on the top lo. They are great and she is an incredible designer. Please check out her blog as she give out great freebies that she has designed. See her blog on my sidebar.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Today I had a very interesting conversation with my older daughter. She doesn't live at home, and this is the first Christmas with her living on her own. I didn't think we'd be having this conversation until she got married, but it came this year. She was concerned about where to have Christmas Dinner. With us or at her boyfriends parents house. At first the plan was for all of us to go to Brian's for Christmas Eve dinner, then have Christmas dinner at home. But last week she told us they were going to have Christmas dinner, not christmas eve. Now she was very worried about what she was going to do. Did she miss dinner with Brian's whole family or have dinner with us? We told her not to worry, we would all just have dinner with them on Christmas, and do Christmas Eve here. But she is a worrier and didn't want to hurt her Dad's feelings as he likes to have the holiday dinners here. This year it really works out better this way because when I get tired we can leave and we don't have to clean up a large meal. Hopefully next year I'll be feeling alot better and Christmas can get back to normal. (Then she can stress over where to have Christmas)

Day 5 JYC

Day 5 and I'm early with this entry. Probably because we don't do advent calendars. When the girls were little they would always make the paper chains to countdown to christmas, but since they are older we haven't done this is years. So I searched the internet for pics of the paper chains. I also added the Advent Calendar from Jessica Sprague's website as I really liked her idea of the little boxes on the wall for candy. You can see her blog for directions on how she did this.

All tags are K. Teague Berry Days kit.


Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Day 4 JYC

Finally got day 4 finished. I decided to combine the photoshop friday challenge from Jessica Sprague's class and this journal entry to kill 2 birds with 1 stone so to speak. I had a really hard time trying to get the vertical and horizontal blur to work. Of course it was operator error (meaning me - not the program like I was trying to blame it on). It's pretty embarrassing when you are yelling at the computer and the dogs are starring at you like you are nuts. (That doesn't include my husband who just shakes his head at me by that point)

Anyway, the topic for today was what would be your perfect Christmas? My perfect christmas would include christmas trees, christmas lights, turkey dinner, family together presents under the tree, christmas movies, christmas carols, Disneyland at christmas, and of course Santa.

Well, it's off to bed before it's tomorrow and another day for the journal.

Monday, December 3, 2007

Day 3 JYC

It's Day 3 of the JYC class. Here's today's lo. Today's topic was about christmas cards. I have a serious problem - it's called procrastination. I can't seem to get the cards mailed. I'll have them written, addressed - but just can't seem to get them into the mail. 2 years ago I sent them at Valentines Day! I used to hand make cards every year, but not this year. Probably will go with the digital version and make christmas postcards.


Sunday, December 2, 2007

Day 2 Journal your Christmas

This is day 2 of the Journal your Christmas class. Todays entry was about weather. Journaling reads: 
I love Christmas. The weather plays a big part of getting into the christmas spirit for me. It needs to be cold for me to really get the feel of christmas time. Here in Las Vegas it's usually pretty warm compared to Frazier Park where we would usually have snow every christmas. 

What we miss of snow is being able to play in it, throw snowballs, make snowmen, sliding down the hills, of watching the snow fall and think of how quiet it is when it's snowing.

I don't miss having to shovel snow off the deck and driveway knowing by lunch time it would all be melted.

In Las Vegas, the weather is usually about 60 degrees (It gets n the 30's at night). We have had now here in town. Up in Summerlin, where I live, we usually get a little bit of snow every year. Usually we get enough that I can get me fill, but not enough that I'm missing it so much I want to live in it all the time.

We have a ski resort about 45 minutes away from us and when I really need the snow we can drive up the mountain and play, then come home to warm and dry.


Saturday, December 1, 2007

Journal Your Christmas

Today is Dec 1st and the first day of the Journal your Christmas class. Here is my first page. It's the Mission Statement (Manifesto) for the journal. I'm really looking forward to this journey as this Christmas will be much harder than others. I'm still sick and not working. I can't seem to gain any weight even though they've put in a feeding tube (I look like the borg in Star Trek). I can't get the swallowing treatment because I don't weigh enough to withstand the treatment. It's been a very long year. In Sept. the doctors finally discovered what was wrong - I can't swallow. Hummm, I've only been telling them I can't swallow for over 4 years!! When I was diagnosed with cancer in my neck, they decided that radiation treatment was the right course. Unfortunately, the radiation didn't do a thing except make everything worse. It didn't do anything to the cancer, which continued to grow during the 6 1/2 weeks of treatment. What it did do was make the surgery much harder, destroyed my thyroid and most of the nerves in my neck - hense the nerves that make you swallow don't work!! To say the least in 2 years I've lost over 50 lbs. And I only weighed 120 to start with! Well, when you weigh less than a 10 yr old the doctors finally start to take notice. Ok sorry about the rant.

Anyway - back to the reason of this post  - The first page of the Journal your Christmas album. TFL
Have a great day.