Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Happy New Year

I can't believe it's 2008 already. It seems as if 2007 just flew by. I guess it's ok as it wasn't such a great year for me. I'm looking forward to 2008 being better. I signed up for a class at Big Picture Scrapbooking for LOAD (lay out a day) for the month of Jan. I'm already behind and it's only the 2nd of Jan. Oh well, I'll just have to keep trying to catch up.

I scanned a bunch of pictures of a trip Jessica and I took to Hawaii for a gymnastics competition in Jan 2004. As soon as I finished scanning all the photos, I checked in the back of the album I had them in, and lo and behold what did I find? I had the film developed and also put on a cd. I guess every once in a while I think ahead. At least it makes it easier to put the pics on my laptop and not have to copy everything to a disk and then to the laptop.

Here is the layout for my 1st day of the LOAD class. It's of the Rose Parade. The photos of the floats and band are pics I took of the tv. The Rose Parade logo I copied from the Pasadena City Web site. I used it as the background and also on the lo itself. I kind of miss not being in So Cal for the parade. You could watch the parade all day long on several different channels. You don't get to do that here in Vegas. It's only on a couple of channels and if you snooze, you lose part of the parade.
Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and have a great 2008.


Linda said...

Lisa, just have to tell you that I looooove your blog header. What a beautiful picture. :D

Carol Dillon said...

Lisa your layout is great! I also signed up for LOAD but won't be able to start till I get home so will be 18 days behind oops! At least I will have lots of photos to scrap.
Hope 2008 is a great year for you!
Carol :-)