Friday, March 21, 2008

Funny You Tube Video

While I was blog hopping the other day I stopped by Brittish Designs blog and she had the funniest video on her blog. I usually don't check the videos, but for some reason this one just struck my fancy. It's Ellen DeGeneres with an exercise chair so you can exercise while you are working. I really needed the laugh from this video as my allergies have really done me in this week. I hope you like it.

I also have another lo for our challenge gallery. This weeks challenge was a scraplift with color challenge. So I had this great idea that I would take pictures of my cherry tree in bloom. I love this tree and the pretty pink flowers. So outside I go to find flower petals all over the driveway and the cars and almost none on the tree at all. Darn wind. So I see my neighbor behind me still has blooms on their tree. So off to the backyard I go. Well during this time Jasmine sees me outside with the camera. She comes running over to me and sits in front of me and won't move until I take her picture. Mind you she has me backed up to the pool so there is nowhere for me to move to. So I take her picture and away she trots. She just loves to have her picture taken.

Flourish brush, curled neg. frame - Katie Pertiet - Designer Digitals
Grid Paper - Whitie Tighties - Anna Aspens - Designer Digitals

Monday, March 17, 2008

Long Over Due Update

Blending Tutorial by Cassie Jones
Papers, Alphas, brushes by Katie Pertiet
all Designer Digitals

LivE Designs overlay and paper

Home away from Home papers by Jessica Sprague

These are the latest layout I've done. I am extremely happy with the blended layout of Krystin. I've loved how they are done, and just didn't feel very confident in doing this technique. So now I need to practice to get more comfortable with the technique.

I also am very pleased with the Lunar Eclipse layout. I wasn't even sure I would get any pictures of it at all since it was so cloudy all night. Fortunately the clouds would come and go. My hubby thought I was crazy dragging the camera on the tripod in and out of the house. Especially since I was making him do it. What a guy - he did it though.

Our next challenge at Jessica Sprague is on my to do list. It's to use a lot of white space. I love the look of it, but not very good at achieving it. So I'll work on that this week.

Last week Krystin and I went to Disneyland for 2 days. We had a great time. It was the first time I had really been anywhere except for the doctors office since the feeding tube had been put in. Like I said we had a really great time, but man was I exhausted when we got home. 

Krystin got to push me around Disneyland in a wheelchair the whole time. The good thing about it is you don't have to wait in line with a wheelchair. You get to go up the exits and pretty much get right on the rides. I figure her pushing me around in a wheelchair is making up for all the time I pushed her around in a stroller. 

I'll be getting more layouts done and try to update my posts more frequently.  Also my friend Veevs's mom is in the hospital. If you could keep her in your prayers that would really be appreciated.