Thursday, January 10, 2008

More Load LO

Here are 2 more layouts for the LOAD project. I'm behind but I'm pleased with getting more layouts done than I would have without doing this class. Currently I'm doing layouts that Jessica Sprague did a tutorial on in the Creating Keepsakes magazine. It's fun and I did 2 of the same technique to get a little more practice. 

Credits: Golf - Katie Pertiet Frame, You are Beautiful by Verona Karolyi Paper
Madison - Katie Pertiet Frame, DMI Naturals by Diane Miler paper



Carol Dillon said...

Lisa I love what you have done with Jessica's tutorial. Your pages are great and you doing a good job with LOAD.
Carol :-)

Liv said...

hey, lisa, love all the texture on your golf layout, and you've been doing a great job! love seeing your work!

hope you don't mind being tagged... jeanneT tagged me, and now i have to go and find really nice friends who won't mind. :D you're one of them! (the instructions are on my blog... sorry! heehee)

have a great day, my dear, sweet friend! (((hugs)))

Veevs said...

Lisa, your layouts are so cool! And how cute is Madison!

DawnS said...

Lisa...gues what, you've been tagged again (I got tagged by SusanD). Liv is just too quick!
Check out my blog too! I love your blog too, btw.

Linda said...

Cute! I love the papers for the golf LO. TFS!

Donna S. said...

These look GREAT! Excellent job on these! I need to find a good picture to do this and get thet tut done - Great job on your LO's!!

Angela2932 said...

I so have to give this tutorial of Jessica's a try! Lisa, for the disney pixie, find the html code, and paste it in the Add an Element box for your blog. You select Add an Element, select HTML code, and then add the code for the disney character. I was going to paste it here, but wasn't sure what it would do to your blog! Ok, go to this site:
and it will give you options for the Disney character. You'll probably want it smaller. Tell me if it works!

Angela2932 said...

Lisa, I don't think the comment let me put the whole code in; I'm going over the Jessica's mb to send you the code!

Angela2932 said...

Lisa! Beautiful Disney gadget, you Disney-lover, you! Yeah! I'm glad it worked!