Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Today I had a very interesting conversation with my older daughter. She doesn't live at home, and this is the first Christmas with her living on her own. I didn't think we'd be having this conversation until she got married, but it came this year. She was concerned about where to have Christmas Dinner. With us or at her boyfriends parents house. At first the plan was for all of us to go to Brian's for Christmas Eve dinner, then have Christmas dinner at home. But last week she told us they were going to have Christmas dinner, not christmas eve. Now she was very worried about what she was going to do. Did she miss dinner with Brian's whole family or have dinner with us? We told her not to worry, we would all just have dinner with them on Christmas, and do Christmas Eve here. But she is a worrier and didn't want to hurt her Dad's feelings as he likes to have the holiday dinners here. This year it really works out better this way because when I get tired we can leave and we don't have to clean up a large meal. Hopefully next year I'll be feeling alot better and Christmas can get back to normal. (Then she can stress over where to have Christmas)


Jackie said...


Poor things...wants to make everyone happy....I have one son whose in-laws are in the same city and that makes it a little hard..we always just let them go to where they need to isn't the same as it was when they were just young whippersnappers huh?

Liv said...

it's going to be some time before i get problems of this sort with my own boys ;P but i think your daughter is sooo blessed to have you, you super cool mom! (isn't that what we do best? cluck and coo and smooth down ruffled feathers and worried whimpers and set everything alright with our magic touch? :) ) you did a great job with handling this, my friend! have a happy, healthy day!