Friday, December 14, 2007

Playing Catch-Up

I've been procrastinating on my Journal your Christmas class. There is one page I'm having a really hard time doing. It's the shopping for presents page. Since I haven't worked in 3 months, our finances are very tight, so Christmas has been on hold this year. This doesn't even have anything to do with me not even being able to go shopping - I love to see all the decorations in the stores, the malls, the music playing, I could shop on line - but the mortgage, gas, electric, water, phone they all want to be paid for us to use their services. (How rude - lol). So I've decided what I can do is make albums for everyone specific to them. So now that I have only 11 days left I guess I'd better get my but in gear!  Here are the pages that I have done for the JYC class they are missing a couple of days, but I'll get them caught up soon.

I'd like to thank my friend LivE for designing the beautiful papers and elements used on the top lo. They are great and she is an incredible designer. Please check out her blog as she give out great freebies that she has designed. See her blog on my sidebar.

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Jackie said...

Oh I love the one of the lit tree....looks so dreamy...way to go :)