Sunday, September 14, 2008

New Class

I'm taking a new class at Jessica Sprague. It's the Type+Writer class that both Jess and Liv are team teaching. It's to help you journal better and learn some typography. We are supposed to complete 6 layouts in 2 weeks. So far I'm being true to kind and am procrastinating. I am having a hard time with the first layout. I finished the 2nd layout and the 3rd layout I've got a good idea about. So hopefully I'll get started on that layout today.

In this class we are supposed to write in a journal for 15 minutes everyday. I have to be honest - I haven't done this. I really don't care to do this type of journaling, so I'm using updating my blog here as my "free write" today. The prompts for some of the writing have been very interesting. We had a list and we were supposed to complete the sentences. I was very surprised that I couldn't / wouldn't answer some of the prompts. One of the prompts that I had difficulty with was I am honored by....and another was I am waiting for... I know I could think the answers but actually writing them down couldn't actually do it. I guess seeing my answers in writing either makes me feel shallow or egotistical. Some of the answers just made me think of how much I miss Mark and I didn't want to admit it to myself. Even now thinking of it makes me tear up. The ironic thing is this is the only layout I've finished for the class so far.

The layouts are all created with wonderful templates that Jess made so they are easy to get the layouts together. The typography we have learned so far has been very interesting. We learned how to create a text path. That is one of the things I always wanted to learn with CS3. We are also learning about text masking. So pretty cool things so far.

The layouts I've been doing for my CT at Scrap Matters have been coming along. I used one of the kits on one of the layouts for the Type+Writer class. I loved how it turned out. I've been posting my layouts at Jessica Sprague, Digi Shop Talk, Creating Keepsakes and of course Scrap Matters.

Here are my latest layouts.

20 Small Things
Brianna Cox About a Girl Kit - Solid Pink, Solid Purple Recolored, Pale Green Roses, Pale Pink Roses, Flourished Dots, and Little Dotty Paper at Scrap Matters,
Template by Jessica Sprague,
Justus and Charms font

Dole Plantation
Ellie Lash Scatter Sunshine Kit, paper recolored at ScrapMatters
F.Jardine stitches Carnival Kit
Papyrus Font

Thanks for looking. See you soon.


Chrystal said...

Beautiful LO, Lisa! I am having trouble with the 15 minutes of writing every day, too. But I am LOVING the templates! :)

Heather said...

Hi Lisa. :) I hope you're having fun CTing. I'm still so elated that you're a part of SM.

When I look at Mark photo on your header, I see a warm, thoughtful, generous man with a funny bone. I'm sorry I never had a chance to meet him in person....

((hugs)), dear friend.

shmoop said...

i love these layouts lisa! you do beautiful work....what a great story teller you are. remember i'm here for you!!!!