Sunday, November 25, 2007

Getting caught up to the digital age

It seems everyone has a blog. So I didn't want to be left out in the cold, here we go. I spent alot of time looking a blogs yesterday, now I'll actually need to look at the designs of the blogs, rather than just what scrapbook stuff was on the blog. Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and Black Friday shopping. Today is my DH birthday. He's cooking turkey for dinner as we went to my daughter's boyfriend's house for Thanksgiving and he's having cooking turkey withdrawls. At least we will have leftovers now. Happy day to all.


Kari said...

Welcome to the blogging world, Lisa!! Glad you made it :) You'll be hooked in no time! I {heart} all things Disney, too - make an annual trip with the kiddos - and just ordered Disney checks with a picture of my family from our last trip to Disneyland!! Will be checking back ... Have fun exploring the new and wonderful world of blogging!!

Carol Dillon said...

Hi Lisa
Welcome to blogging, not that I have been doing it long myself!
Another lover of Disney here!
Carol :-)

Veevs said...

Hiya Lisa, welcome to blogging! Im a beginner too and have only done 2 posts! Hope all is well in Vegas land! Veevs xxxx

Veevs said...

Hiya Lisa, thanks for your comments on my blog!! My blog design is just one of the templates that comes with Blogspot, called Harbor! So I cant take the credit for it lol! Veevs xxxx

Kimm said...

I have had one forever, but I don't write enough. lol.